Tent Living at Biluim Canada

Inspired by the Bilu, a group of young individuals who immigrated to Israel between 1880 and 1907, Camp Biluim Canada infused Pioneering into the daily life of a camper. Most importantly living in a tent. No, this is not your average tent that you use when hiking up a mountain. Biluim Canada offers participants the opportunity to sleep in a fully constructed, waterproof, tent with electricity!

You will forever remember falling asleep to the sound of rain tapping against the tarp of the tent, or waking up to the sounds of birds chirping good morning surrounded by your new best friends from around the country.

At Biluim Canada each participant will have the amazing chance to meet young leaders from coast-to-coast. As well as living in a tent with 4 or 5 new best friends.

Taking away the glitz of city living allows our chanichim to gain deeper connections with their fellow campers and create a stronger chevra (community). Building up and taking down our own Mahal (Tent Site) encourages the group to take ownership of their space and building connections with each and every person in the community.

Leadership means having the skills to build your own community and explore what it means to be a part of a community. That is why at Biluim Canada participants do not live with their staff. However, each tent will have one staff that is their Tent Parent. This staff is in charge of their tent and is always available to each and every camper.