Camp Biluim Canada is dedicated to the development of ones Jewish identity, understanding of ones self, collaboration, sense of community, and leadership. Drawing examples from the Bilu, a group of pioneers recognized for being some of the first to settle the Land of Israel, a great deal of emphasis at Camp Biluim is placed on the practice of Hadracha B’Dugma, leadership by example.

Moreover, Camp Biluim Canada fosters confident, Zionist leaders with our diverse summer training program. The chanichim are given the opportunity to realize their full potential as the future leaders of our Jewish communities nationwide. The type of leader that Camp Biluim aims to develop is a caring, self-aware and positive person who embodies sincere passion for Israel, Judaism, and Zionism.

Chanichim at Biluim are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to lead effectively. These skills include the ability to listen and communicate, the ability to address a large group of people, the ability to work well as part of a team, the ability to develop informal educational programs, and the ability to create an environment that brings out the best in people. A leader is one of who looks out for others, and recognizes that even the smallest actions have the greatest impacts. In order to develop these leadership skills, all Biluim chanichim partake in self-efficacy and team building exercises as part of the Hadracha (leadership) program.

The Hadracha program is a facilitated session with a group of up to twelve peers, which takes place daily. The program’s curriculum is modeled in the three phases of creating a safe space, confronting ourselves and our fears, and finally empowering others.  Combined with many other diverse leadership opportunities, the Hadracha program creates a unique and individualized experience for every camper.