BFL- Biluim Football League

The Biluim Football League (BFL) is our co-ed football league that runs throughout the summer.  Open to anyone who wants to play, campers are drafted following a combine in the first week of camp, to one of approximately six teams, each coached by two of our staff members.  The ultimate goal: winning your Biluim year’s Superbowl!

The BFL has a long legacy of playful team rivalry between players (and past players who grow up to be staff coaches), and encourages healthy competition, sportsmanship, and, above all else, having fun on the field!  Players of all genders, athletic ability, and experience are encouraged to join. 

Big Sibling-Little sibling Program

At the beginning of the summer, each camper at Camp Biluim is paired with a camper aged 7-15 years old from Camp Kinneret, our junior camp run on the same site.  After a filling out a brief survey, campers are matched with those who share similar interests, and/or life experiences, and are from an age group that they the Biluim campers are interested in working with. For the duration of the summer, our Biluim “big siblings” spend time with their little siblings, including participating in organized programs, being buddies at general swim, and sitting together during Shabbat meals. 

The Big Sibling/Little Sibling program is one of the most magical parts of Biluim. It gives Biluim campers the chance to experience the role of being a staff member on a smaller scale, and places importance on seeing themselves as role models that the younger campers look up to. In many cases, these “sibling” relationships result in friendships that last far beyond the summer months. 

CIT Program

At Camp Biluim, we believe the best way to learn is through experiences!  All campers at Camp Biluim have the chance to take part in our CIT program, which gives them the opportunity to learn from qualified staff members, first-hand.  Camp Kinneret, our junior camp run on the same site (for campers aged 7-15) is the perfect place for our Biluim campers to exercise their leadership skills and learn how to program, run a successful chug (activity period), and care for campers.  The CIT Program pairs Biluim campers with Camp Kinneret staff members during various activity periods, giving them the chance to run or help run activities under the supervision of trained staff members.

Tripper in training

Those campers who are interested in going on become trippers in their future camp careers, or even those who just want to spend a bit more time paddling/hiking/making bonfires, are encouraged to join our Tripper in Training program.  Under the mentorship of our qualified and professionally trained trippers, the campers in this program will have the chance to help lead trips of campers between the ages of 7-15 years old from Camp Kinneret, our junior camp.  As well as helping to lead trips throughout the summer, these campers will also participate in an amazing end-of-summer rock climbing day-trip, as a thank you for their hard work!

Biluim Basketball Program 

Biluim has a reputation for being home to the best basketball team, both male and female, of all the summer camps in the Laurentians.  Intercamps hosted throughout the summer provide a great training opportunity for the annual Maccabbi Sports Festival, which brings athletes from all four Montreal-area Jewish summer camps together.  For years now, the Biluim Billy Goats have won both the male and female titles at Maccabbi!  Our basketball courts are always open to our campers for practices or scrimmages during free time and it has become a beloved camp tradition for the staff to take on the Biluim campers in games every Saturday morning.

Camper Initiatives

At Biluim, we encourage our campers to develop their programming skills through hands-on, experiential learning.  The best way to do this is for campers to run their own programs!  We strongly support campers who wish to create, write, and implement their own programs for their peers throughout the summer, as well as those who wish to adapt programs previously run in past summers.  With the support and mentorship of their staff members, campers are given the necessary tools, materials, and time to create and run these programs, which are often seen as highlights of the summer.

Chug c

Chug C is a time for our staff to create an hour of fun and engaging activities that they enjoy personally. For some of our staff it may be yoga, soccer, triathlon, Krav Maga, politics, sports potpourri, etc. It is an opportunity for our campers to connect with their staff on a different level, and enjoy activities with campers who have like minded interests.